Tobacco sauces

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Tobacco sauces:

  • safe
  • high quality

Jesteśmy producentem który ceni jakość produktu. Mając 9 letnie doświadczenie, skupiamy się na ciągłym rozwoju. Nasz asortyment pozwala samodzielnie tworzyć najwyższej jakości produkt.

A product well known on European market in the tobacco and cigarette industry – TOBACCHEM SAUCE.


Composition and recipe of the sauce have beneficial effect on the structure the processed product and improve its taste, physical and structural qualities. It easily changes a low-quality base into a high quality final effect. It removes tar, pyridines and inorganic compounds that affect taste and smoking. In addition, TOBACCHEM sauce perfectly preserves and protects against mould and fungi. The unique properties of the TOBACCHEM sauce improves tobacco smoking qualities and gives it a delicate aroma.

The sauce is a concentrate and should be mixed with a special TOBACCHEM solvent or alcohol before use. Application of the mixed agent is easy. It can be done with the help of an atomizer, garden sprayer or in a drum steamer. The substance is universal, it can be used at any stage of tobacco processing. Thus it has a lot of application possibilities on tobacco in the form of: leaves, cut, shag or dried, strip, before or after heat treatment. Useful when cutting, thanks to its composition, it gently glues the material and prevents from dusting. Facilitates injecting with RYO cigarette machines. Prevents tobacco dust. The best product quality is confirmed by laboratory tests and certificates.


  1. It is used to quickly replace the fermentation process, properly used allows to achieve a high quality product.
  2. Easy to use at home, very efficient and helpful during vapor deposition (PVD).
  3. Useful during cutting process, thanks to its composition it gently glues the material so that the
    material does not dust and is not torn.

USE: The substance should be mixed 1:1-1:3 with odourless alcohol or distilled water, then it should be spread under pressure in the form of (mist) or with the help of e.g. a steamer.

  • The sauce’s efficiency depends on the application method and needs, approximate efficiency: 1L=50kgof raw material


  • 1L
  • 5L
  • 10L
  • 20L


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