TOBACCHEM flavouring substance

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TOBACCHEM flavouring substance

  • safe
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We are a producer and we value product quality. With many years of experience, we focus on continuous development. Our range allows you to create the highest quality product on your own.

Flavouring substance by TOBACCHEM is a product known all over the Europe in the tobacco industry market. The rich composition and unique recipe have a beneficial effect on the structure of the processed material and change its taste. Physical and structural qualities allow you to change a lowquality base into a high-quality final product. The flavouring substance by TOBACCHEM is added to sauces and it allows you to enhance the product without heat treatment. It improves the quality of the final product by 80%! The substance is used to quickly replace the fermentation process. The substance is universal, it can be used at any stage of tobacco processing, thanks to which we have a lot of possibilities when to apply it to tobacco in the form of: leaves, cut or pulled shag tobacco, tobacco strip, before or after heat treatment. It is useful during cutting, it gently glues the material and prevents from dusting. . The unique properties of the product facilitate rolling tobacco with the help of any type of RYO cigarette machines. It also prevents the formation of tobacco dust. The best  quality of our product is confirmed by laboratory tests and certificates.


USE: The substance should be mixed 1:1-1:3 with odourless alcohol or distilled water, then it should be spread under pressure in the form of (mist) or with the help of e.g. a steamer.


Advantages of TOBACCHEM flavouring substance:

  • The substance can quickly replace the fermentation process, properly used allows to achieve a very high quality product.

  • The product is easy to use at home, very efficient and helpful during vapor deposition (PVD)

  • Useful during cutting process, due to its properties it gently glues the material so that the material doesnot dust and is not torn.



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