Tobacco Flavour – ML Luckystrikes

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Tobacco Flavour – ML Luckystrikes


We are a producer with many years of expertise and we value product quality. Our range allows to create the highest quality product at home, for small and large production purposes.

TOBACCO FLAVOURS by TOBACCHEM with exceptional and unique flavours! Thanks to carefully selected ingredients the flavour has authentic and intense aroma and taste. The TOBACCHEM aromatic concentrate allows you to adjust the taste and aroma of tobacco to your preferences and increase the humidity of tobacco, so that you can enjoy the final product longer. A convenient bottle with an atomiser makes our product easy use with a satisfying end-result. The unique properties of the product facilitate rolling tobacco with the help of any type of RYO cigarette machines. It also prevents the formation of tobacco dust. The best quality of our product is confirmed by laboratory tests and certificates.


  • processed tobacco flavouring
  • unprocessed tobacco flavouring
  • shisha bowl flavouring
  • other use


Easy to use for mass production and home use. Please shake before use and then spread under pressure in the form of a mist, atomizer or e.g. steamer, in a proportion of 1:1-1:3 with odourless alcohol or distilled water. Place tobacco flat on an even surface, e.g. countertop, spray directly with flavour and mix gently and thoroughly. Let the sprayed tobacco settle in for about 2-3 hours by placing it in a closed package. If necessary, this operation can be repeated.


  • 1L = 300kg of raw material (approximately)
  • The flavour’s efficiency depends on the application method and needs

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