99,5% GLYCERINE 1L – 1,2Kg


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TOBACCHEM glycerine for tobacco

Our range allows you to create the highest quality product on your own or improve the quality of a given base.

The latest achievement: the highest quality, clean and efficient TOBACCHEM tobacco glycerine. It is a highly moisturizing substance, thanks to which we can stabilize the humidity and viscosity of tobacco. The product also has a big impact on the amount of smoke in a cigarette. It also improves its flammability, making it more efficient. In addition, TOBACCHEM glycerine is a good solvent for fats and other lipids. The modern production method used by TOBACCHEM has been developed so that you can independently and easily use it at home as well as for highly efficient production, depending on your needs The unique properties of the product facilitate rolling tobacco with the help of any type of RYO cigarette machines. It also prevents the formation of tobacco dust. TOBACCHEM glycerine is a safe product, sterilized in appropriate conditions. It has a product safety data sheet and all necessary tests that allow the safe use of the substance.

The use of glycerine in the tobacco industry:

  • perfect additive to dried tobacco
  • It is used as a modern additive to molasses when smoking shisha (water pipe) and to sweeten liqueurs
  • scent carrier in fragrance oils
  • safe
  • ecological
  • high-quality


    • 1L
    • 5L
    • 10L
    • 20L
    • 30L
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1L, 5L, 10L, 20L